Lessons meant to be learned.

Because anything else results in sleepless nights. Because anything else results in crying on the floor of your car on your lunch break. Because anything else forces your breath to hitch somewhere between heart and throat, suffocating you until throwing a mattress in the back of your truck, cashing out, and heading for the hills is… Continue reading Lessons meant to be learned.

Part of the design.

We are not broken. We are not wrong, and if we are frightened, then perhaps we're at yet another crossroads. The right crossroads. I can't tell you which direction to take--true north is individual. If following your heart is difficult (believe me--I understand), then follow your curiosity. It cannot and will not steer you wrong. It… Continue reading Part of the design.

Radiate grace.

Sometimes, when it's all too overwhelming, it's more helpful to think of ourselves as elements of the whole. Each element is exquisite--the way it works with the next, the way this seamless machine keeps going, whether we focus or not, whether we strive or rest. Today, maybe it's the subtle pulse of blood beneath the skin.… Continue reading Radiate grace.

Your own capacity.

Our expansiveness is endless and eternal. And if we can remember this (if not believe it), then we can shift our perspective. We can shift those burdens, those tasks, those heavy details of daily living into this larger space, easing the risk of becoming overwhelmed.  When we learn to expand into our own space, instead of… Continue reading Your own capacity.

Not an exclusive offer.

Good luck is not exclusively a wish we offer, but a birthright we embrace. Contrary to (your own) popular belief, you are indeed worthy. All it takes is an invitation--an open-minded invitation. You don't have to believe. You don't (really) even need to have unconditional faith. You just need to speak the words--invite it in.… Continue reading Not an exclusive offer.

We, too, indivisible.

We are united, and we are, ourselves, indivisible. Concentrated to our smallest, most complete point, we are the universe. We are universal. We are same-same, but different. We are an expression of Spirit's love of infinite variety and core-level unity.  We are one. We are connected. We are unique, and we are family. Spirit, bone,… Continue reading We, too, indivisible.