Part of the design.

We are not broken. We are not wrong, and if we are frightened, then perhaps we're at yet another crossroads. The right crossroads. I can't tell you which direction to take--true north is individual. If following your heart is difficult (believe me--I understand), then follow your curiosity. It cannot and will not steer you wrong. It… Continue reading Part of the design.

Radiate grace.

Sometimes, when it's all too overwhelming, it's more helpful to think of ourselves as elements of the whole. Each element is exquisite--the way it works with the next, the way this seamless machine keeps going, whether we focus or not, whether we strive or rest. Today, maybe it's the subtle pulse of blood beneath the skin.… Continue reading Radiate grace.

The Most Difficult Border

That we're our harshest critics is not news. But why is it, knowing that, that we continue to listen? This is the eternal mystery. The fierce hippie-rebel in me is here to play the tattooed angel on your shoulder, reminding you gently, with compassion and with love, kindly to shut up.  For today, when that… Continue reading The Most Difficult Border

Unrecognizable to Ourselves.

We just get too close. And when we get too close, our vision fails us--on every level. I think it's because we've become too accustomed to squinting, to bending closer, leaning toward, trying harder. Instead, we need space to breathe, space to move. And space can be scary--all that emptiness. All that possibility? All that perspective? … Continue reading Unrecognizable to Ourselves.