You will realize wonders.

It may be a new year, but it's just another day. It is not the year that gives you power, but that you're awake for the sunrise, the sunset, the moonrise and set, or any change of light in-between. You choose your hours, but in there somewhere will be a moment. A moment so perfect--to you--that… Continue reading You will realize wonders.


Lessons meant to be learned.

Because anything else results in sleepless nights. Because anything else results in crying on the floor of your car on your lunch break. Because anything else forces your breath to hitch somewhere between heart and throat, suffocating you until throwing a mattress in the back of your truck, cashing out, and heading for the hills is… Continue reading Lessons meant to be learned.


Fierce gladness.

I don't know that we can move through this world without wonder--food, shelter, love, and wonder. It feeds us and keeps us moving, keeps us rising and setting with the sun, that tiny possibility that we will remember, tomorrow, to be surprised by joy. That tiny possibility that wonder will stick, that our first thoughts… Continue reading Fierce gladness.