Reclaim your power.

For some reason, helplessness and hopelessness have been ingrained into our code, and so blinded are we by the way things are/have been/should be that we’ve ceased asking, is this what I want? And who the hell stripped us of our ability to advocate, to fight, for ourselves? How (when??) did we become so accepting? So docile?

I say “we.” I, of course, mean “I” and anyone else who can use a reminder that they have power to wield–power, at the very least, over themselves, over their boundaries, over their precious and powerful yes/no, over what they choose to surrender, and what norms they choose to accept.

Yes. There are those out there advocating beautifully for themselves, so fiercely, in fact, that it’s high time the rest of us realize that we are worthy of something better. We are worthy of happiness, that happiness isn’t a concept, a fiction, woefully out of reach.

Sometimes, petals, things. just. work. out.

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