What moves you?

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that changing the view will change everything. Sometimes it’s what we need, the jolt of a culture or landscape shift. And somewhere in the jostle of the journey, our perspective settles and stakes rearrange themselves. 

Sometimes. But even then, eventually the new becomes routine, and the question–can we hold onto that shift as the view becomes ordinary–becomes paramount. Too often, we can’t, and we move on. 

But you know what? I think that’s okay. I think some of us spend our lives seeking, needing a new angle, a new experience. Maybe we’re not as enlightened, or maybe we’re simply wired differently, enlightened differently. Some of us just need to experience more than two (or ten) things in our lives without the head-shaking of, “what, again?” 

Yes. Again. What can I say? We like landscapes. But we have to know why we move on–is it escape, or is it adventure? One will hold new experiences and one rarely ends well. So the question remains–what moves you? 

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