An unbreakable connection.

I have always had a very hard time with faith. Though the religion in which I was raised never resonated, I carry from it a love of, and respect for, ceremony and ritual. Indeed, so fierce was that fascination with ritual, that it led me on a cross-cultural journey, studying sources of faith and ceremonies surrounding it. 

I love the study of faith (Have I mentioned I’m an air sign? Go figure…), and my initial hope was that, by immersing myself in any number of rituals, I’d find faith myself. 

And wouldn’t this be a perfect time to tell you that what I found was faith IN myself?

Yeah. Not so much. I did discover, though, that behind everything is Source. Spirit. Whatever you’d like to call it. I don’t always believe, but I tell you, I’ve felt it. I’ve felt it most strongly when pulled out of myself, chanting in a language I could barely understand, surrounded by beings and landscapes absolutely unfamiliar to my daily life. 

When we’re pulled out of ourselves, out of our mundane concerns, THAT, Petals, is when we feel Spirit. It could be prayer. It could be chanting, meditation, yoga, dance, or dream-work. But here’s what I know: Source will find you and grab you most fiercely when you step out of the comfort and control of self. 

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