The Most Difficult Border

That we’re our harshest critics is not news. But why is it, knowing that, that we continue to listen? This is the eternal mystery. The fierce hippie-rebel in me is here to play the tattooed angel on your shoulder, reminding you gently, with compassion and with love, kindly to shut up. 

For today, when that voice arises, can you shrug and gesture to it that, no, you just don’t speak that language? Can you, for today, omit language all together? Can you, for today, move that constant critic from your mind, take that energy and blow it up? Instead, manifest it into light and spark and nestle it deeply into your heart where it can ignite and fire up your own fierceness. Inspire your own societal rebel who, when language returns, can shout from the proverbial mountain top that you are the absolute perfect embodiment of mind, creativity, bones, air, and skin.

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