What We Drop

I know this has been a theme in this space, but it bears repeating (to myself, if nothing else): we don’t need to carry it all. We don’t need to carry our worries for or about others. We can, as my dearest friend recently reminded me, direct greater energies than our own toward their greater good. In other words, we can release those worries about which we can do nothing. Instead, we can harness the energy of our belief systems to act on their behalf.

Heck, even if we wanted to carry it all, we couldn’t, not physically, not mentally. It’s a comfort and a control-mechanism to believe we can, but there’s no security in exhaustion, in stress, in constant fatigue. The seasons are changing, and, with them, could we, too, melt, thaw, compost, and move on, new life stemming directly from what has come before.

We don’t need to forget or to ignore, but neither must we react to every new stimulus. Darkness is necessary to any growth, but a prerequisite to that darkness is rest. Look to your hands. What can you drop?

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