Rise with your Restlessness

I see your restlessness and I raise you a challenge: can you sit with it and watch it pass, reading in the slipstream the advice you didn’t know you could give yourself? Could you listen to its music and dance to the result, even if tuneless, even if untried? Could you act, even unsure, even if you wobble, even if you fall? The “win,” if you will, lies in the effort, not in the result. Move for the health of your spirit.

I know I’ve been absent from this space–from posting, anyway. Part of that was the drama of the year, and part of that was (is) my belief that this space has changed too much for me to navigate it. It’s nothing I can’t learn, so we’ll see. I’m learning to forgive myself for so much. Maybe we can all drop that weight together. 

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