I had this minor revelation. We are not the only seekers–just because we have language and thoughts and worries and media and money and debt and love and loss and fairy tales and drama and history, we think, in that human-centric way we’re prone to, that we are wandering alone out here, blindly reaching from one barely-discernible object to another.

But why does it rarely occur to us that those objects, the real objects–the home and the land, the trees and the water, the fields and the soil–are seeking us too? That there is intelligence and savvy, evolutionary awareness and longing there, and though it might not manifest in the emptiness, the incompleteness, the loneliness we feel, the search is ongoing.

But this is the difference–they have every faith in the circle being completed, in our finding our way to them. They know this, because there can be no other way. That is how circles work. They’re just waiting for us to close the gap. 

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