Effortless Unteathering

Perhaps we associate a belief system composed of light, of kindness, of color and crystals as naivete or divine escapism. But the older I get in this world, the more I believe in the simplicity of light, of kindness, of a divinity comprised of hope and maternal understanding. There is nothing to lose by holding a belief system of any kind and, in my humble opinion, the fewer texts and tomes, dogmatic dictations and conservative dictators, the better.  

Faith or religion or spirituality should be, first and foremost, a system of intuition–what feels right? What does kindness look like? How clear is your intention and how far into your days can you carry it? But ‘traditional’ system or not, you have every right to your belief on one condition (a condition stated in every holy text, no matter to what faith it belongs): be kind and do not judge. We have authority over the body and mind and spirit in which we live, and that authority stretches no further. Send light, send love, send prayer, but do not send judgment, warnings, or predictions of some fiery afterlife which, even if it were to exist, is not in any way our domain.  

Love and light may seem like platitudes until you realize how much lies beneath the surface of those words, how much power is encased in something so vast, so beyond our ability to understand or control, that we have no choice but to simplify it. An iceberg’s depth cannot be appreciated until one takes the risk of swimming beneath the surface. Likewise, there is nothing complicated here, just the sheer size and risk of underestimating the power of what lies ahead. 

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